Thursday, May 10, 2007


Leads By Video pre-launch press release

SpinningTornado's founders Tom Zorde and Mike Lever are launching a new service called LeadsByVideo. Check out the press release below and visit the site. (LBV) is a soon to be launched advertising service with a twist that's sure to
please anyone thinking about advertising through video.

Viewers watch the promotional videos
of others in return for getting their own aired and even professionally produced.

LBV is designed from the ground up to maximize rapid lead acquisition. The videos are thirty seconds long and range from short infomercials to branded advertising.

At the end of each video the viewer decides whether to click through to the advertiser's website, flag a video for later follow up or watch the next video.

Advertisers will be able to monitor the number of views and leads generated for each of their videos. With multiple videos, advertisers can get greater exposure or split-test. Tom Zorde explains further:

"Advertisers can create two similar videos, perhaps with different audio, or offers. They can then test which converts viewers to leads more effectively. Effective video marketing has been, up to now, virtually out of reach for many smaller business owners."

"These business owners have been experimenting using free video sites such as YouTube with limited success . This is because these sites attract viewers primarily seeking entertainment. LBV is different as it's designed to attract viewers that will watch commercial video."

LBV is currently seeking advertisers interested in getting their videos into the system for free airtime at launch.

Visit the web site to register your interest and to stay informed of the launch date.

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