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Monday, January 02, 2006


7 crucial Customer Reciprocation strategies to super-charge affiliate

You've probably heard the Internet gurus mention Customer Reciprocation
as a powerful way to profit from the purchase intentions of other affiliates.
What many of them fail to mention is the strategies they themselves use to
make Customer Reciprocation work in their favour.

It's like comparing the novice share investor who buys and sells shares
with a stock market guru who uses gearing, derivatives, futures, and hedging
to manage their stocks.

In this article I will explain the strategies these 'super-affiliates' use
in simple easy to understand language. By adopting them, you too will have the upper
hand and the affiliate game will become somewhat fairer.

If you are not familiar fully with Customer Reciprocation, it is basically
the process of someone becoming your customer when you become theirs. It
generally applies to affiliate marketers as they can purchase through each
other's referral URLs, but can also be used by online merchants.

Lets level the playing field and get you set to super-charge your affiliate

#1) Let someone else do the mundane work for you.
Register your purchase intention with a Customer Acquisition Exchange before
you shop at your preferred merchant store. This is by far the easiest way
to find an affiliate of that merchant willing to purchase from you. It is
an extremely cost effective way to find paying customers. Think of them like
Internet dating services without the imperfections of dishonest body measurements
and cliched interests.

#2) Direct the traffic.
Prioritise your referral URLs to direct reciprocal customers/exchange partners
to merchants that pay you higher commissions. As there are probably hundreds
of affiliates that you can purchase your intended products through, it makes sense
to reciprocate with one that has a purchase intention with a merchant that
pays you better. Be careful, however, not to eliminate high demand merchants,
as you may miss out on sales.

#3) Maximize return on investment (ROI).
Use a Customer Acquisition Exchange that adopts a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA/PPA)
model. This way you won't pay until you receive your customer/commission.

#4) Move with speed.
Ensure your exchange service allows deferred compensation so you can purchase
what you want at a time that suits you. This is a powerful way to drive customers
to higher paying merchants as you are extending your search period. $400
commission next month is better than $10 commission today.

#5) Work smarter.
Monitor your merchants Customer Reciprocation success rate. Your Customer
Acquisition Exchange will be able to provide you with statistics of which
ones have the highest demand and conversion rate (CVR). Check their payouts
and invest your efforts accordingly.

#6) Do your research.
Some Customer Acquisition Exchanges allows you to monitor the demand and
conversion rate of merchants you are not an affiliate of. Join the top performers
and take advantage of the additional sales.

#7) Create the market.
Encourage other affiliates to use Customer Reciprocation. This will increase
activity resulting in less wait and more sales/commission for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article and feel excited about applying the
strategies you've learnt. If you know someone who would also benefit from
learning these, please share the knowledge and send them the link to this


Fighting back with Counter-Hypnotic Internet Marketing

If I was a fortune-teller and you just walked in my door I would tell you

"I see you still seek the dream of earning money in your sleep. Enough to
give you the time and freedom to do what you want, when you want and without
the restriction of having to choose second-best."

Don't worry, I can't read your mind. I can, however, manipulate how it controls
you without you knowing it.

"No way" you say?

The fact that you're reading this line of text proves I just manipulated
your behavior by provoking your subconscious. I pushed your emotional buttons
and sucked you in to reading more. How many of your subconscious actions
are controlled by someone else? Who knows, it depends on who you are. But
we can all agree that this human ability to manipulate the behavior of others
is the keystone of today's marketing.

You are being manipulated every waking minute of your day.

The advent of the Internet has connected us globally. Add to this, the hundreds
of thousands of merchants who've adopted affiliate programs as a way of consigning
an army of salespeople to actively headhunt new customers in exchange for commission earnings.
So where does it end up? Right here: An all time record number of humans
manipulating other humans. No wonder it's getting harder to sell stuff. From
the second you wake up you're bombarded with attempts to sell you stuff.

People will do anything for money and so they do anything to get your attention.
Taking of their clothes on national TV, proclaiming outrageous benefits,
and acting out 'close to illegal' attention seeking publicity stunts are
not uncommon tactics.

The inherent problem here is that it's no longer a matter of whether there
are enough customers in the market. It is whether you can capture and keep
a customer's attention for a few minutes of their 24-hour day. This is why
the plethora of marketers opt to use hypnotic and manipulative communication
to win your attention.

What if you could bypass all this manipulation?

Imagine if you could shut the door on the screaming, banner-waving crowd
of competitive marketers. Sit your customer down in your office and present
your product with their complete attention?

A new league of customer acquisition techniques that bypass the constant manipulation
is rising from the chaos of today's marketing. One of which I am
personally fond of is 'Customer Reciprocation'.

Customer Reciprocation takes a holistic view of Internet marketing, applying
traditional win-win formulas to the modern way of doing commerce. If you
remove all the hype of today, what you're left with is age-old commerce propositions.
"Do you need something to solve your problem? Then buy this product", and
"I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine".

Customer Reciprocation bypasses the hype because each customer who purchases
from the other only purchase the products that they had already intended
to purchase. A fair and honest way to acquire customers for both affiliate
marketers and merchants. General online shopping portals manipulate customers
to shop at a limited list of merchants by offering discounts, rewards or other
incentives. Customer Reciprocation delivers to you as a customer the freedom
to shop anywhere online while still receiving a discount. The discount is
in the form of a customer to you or your affiliated merchant generating you

Deep down we all like to sell stuff the honest way, and none of us like to be
manipulated. So it is easy to see why Customer Reciprocation is growing in
popularity. It may be a slow-and-steady customer acquisition strategy but
it's one that is guaranteed to reap results for its users.

Affiliates: earn money whenever you shop ANYWHERE online.

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