Wednesday, August 10, 2005


The missing link between sellers and customers – why you don't make more sales.

In these days of rampant commercialism everybody is selling something.

So what makes someone stand out from the rest as a super salesperson?

The best salespeople, of course, are those that sell themselves and I don't mean prostitution! They sell themselves on three main principles. These being knowledge, credibility, and trust.

However capable salespeople may be at selling themselves, to complete a profitable transaction they still require a customer willing to purchase their offering.

That's pretty obvious isn't it?

Yes my friend, whether we like it or not, customers are what make the world we live in spin around!

Whether we care to admit it or not, we're all customers just waiting to be sold. Disagree? Read on..

We avoid thinking about whether we've paid too much for, or even needed, what was sold to us. This is because we're constantly justifying our purchase decisions to ourselves with positive thoughts like:

1) I bought it on sale and got a discount so I saved money.
2) I am building my reward points towards my bonus of free flights, etc..
3) I got the latest release or technology making me a trendsetter.

Customers mean different things to different sellers. Or more concisely, they represent different natures and values to different sellers.

By different customer natures I'm referring to whether they are trusting, naive, gullible, impulsive, intelligent, streetwise, or cynical to name just a few. Yes, we humans are a diverse bunch!

Probably more significant and measurable is the value a customer represents to a seller.

Is the customer spending a little or a lot on a particular transaction?
Are they buying once or are they likely to make repeat purchases?
Would they refer other customers to the seller?
Could the seller value-add to the customer with other offerings and up-selling possibilities?
Is an MLM customer potentially more valuable than an ordinary shopper?

It is this relationship of matching the right customer to the right seller based on both parties natures and values that crucially defines the success we achieve in life. It's important to understand and use this knowledge to determine how to effectively market to a prospective customer.

All these factors determine both the effort needed and the successful likelihood of customer acquisition. This makes it easy to appreciate why it's far more cost effective both in time and money to retain existing customers that to acquire new ones.

Online sellers have an easier time of customer acquisition than offline sellers. This is due mainly to processes such as online auctions, affiliate marketing, and more recently customer acquisition exchanges. Additionally, internet marketing is generally far more cost effective than it's offline counterpart.

Is the missing link apparent yet?

Understanding that we're all both sellers and customers at the same time, will lead us to realise the motivations of others and have compassion toward them. Thus reducing skepticism and bridging the gap between sellers and customers. This is the link overlooked by unsuccessful sales people.


Michael Lever


Michael Lever is a co-founder and CEO of, an independent company offering unbiased tools and services to help affiliate and network marketers build profitable online businesses. affiliate Commission Exchange and Customer Reciprocation Portfolio Management
Partnering affiliates the world over.

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