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Ever bought a business only to find that the real figures didn't quite stack up to the rosy picture painted? Result being an inflated price paid for some creative accounting employed by the vendor.
Listen, it happens all the time so you're no orphan there.

The key is to learn from the experience and move on. If you look around closely you'll notice people's creative licence or liberties abound everywhere.

Thinly veiled lies they are not as they usually have elements of truth behind them that are simply embellished or exaggerated.

What they are, however, are creatively designed perceptions that cater for anticipated desires. The flippant amongst us would describe it as marketing - simply a means to an end.

Not an easy talent to develop, that's why the top advertising executives get paid a king's ransom. But a good start is to recognise that behind all good marketing is a created perception.

A blatant example in our industry are the countless "pie in the sky" promises designed to fulfill most people's dreams. Before you say you'd never fall for any of those scam sites (and maybe with a good accountant not overpay for a business either), I should remind you that the seeds for creative perception are often planted sublimely.

How do many websites grow so quickly? The answer depends on many variables but at the core of the expansion process is most definately the created perception that the site is bigger or more successful than it really is. This one factor alone pre-empts further growth and success until one day the perception and reality merge into one.

Watch for "impressions created" whenever you next view any form of advertising - it's these that determine our choices rather than verifiable facts! Master these perception techniques and be master of your own destiny.

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