Friday, May 12, 2006


Free search engine marketing.


Traffic services like Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture) can expose your URL to millions of people. Unfortunately the high costs and CPC pricing structure often makes SEM unfeasible for affiliate marketers. Once you apply your conversion rate (say 1 sale per 1000 visitors) multiplied by your sales commission (say $50) your budget per visitor just to break even ($0.05 in this case) does not leave much room for profit if you have to pay for that visitor.

Fortunately, as an affiliate marketer you can still leverage SEM to make commissionable sales.

SpinningTornado is literally spinning out of control.

SpinningTornado is currently charging ahead with its promotional campaign to grow their community of affiliates, mlm members, online shoppers and merchants. The SEM based campaign is planned to increase exponentially over the coming months.

Mike Lever, CEO and Co-Founder of SpinningTornado explains:

"We're now investing considerable capital on SEM campaigns targeted at keywords directly related to the products promoted by the SpinningTornado community members. As a member you benefit from this free advertising because the campaigns entice shoppers to purchase through your referral URL using SpinningTornado's Customer Acquisition Exchange."

The campaigns have been extremely successful to date. To drive even more customers your way, we are going to increase our budget and scope to encompass an even broader market.

People ask me, how do I take full advantage of this free advertising?

It's very simple really. Just make sure you enter all your referral URLs into your SpinningTornado portfolio. The more you enter the greater chance you have of receiving customers. After all, the Customer Acquisition Exchange can only find customers for the merchants that you tell us about. Secondly, and just as important, make sure the next time you purchase something online you remember to purchase from that merchant using the SpinningTornado service.

There are no limitations. You are free to shop ANYWHERE online at ANY of your favourite merchant sites. As an unbiased community, we differ from conventional shopping sites in that we never attempt to manipulate your purchasing preferences or try to sell you third party products."

So what are you waiting for? Participate in the SpinningTornado community and take advantage of our free SEM advertising on your behalf.



Hello Spinning Tornado Team,

I strongly believe and support Spinning Tornado.

I have just upgraded to Full Membership ($24.00 per year), and submitted my third Purchase Intention.

With my first 2 Purchase Intentions, I have received the communication that Spinning Tornado did find a reciprocal customer within a few minutes from my submission!

It is really a powerful system that can change the way how we all make our online purchases!

Giovanni Busco
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