Saturday, May 20, 2006


New breed of affiliate marketer emerges

Partnerships and leverage are amongst the priorities of the next generation of commission based internet marketers.

The lure of earning fast cash by directing internet traffic has well and truly killed the dreams of many affiliate marketers. This has become the unfortunate side-effect as merchants are demanding CPA price structures while seach engines are demanding webmasters to invest more time and content.

Add to this the increased difficulty of communicating effectively through email (due to free email accounts propensity to bounce and spam filters on even ISP based mail accounts) and one can easily see that even legitimite email can often go unread.

And then there is the problem of poor traffic quality, generated primarily by people being paid minute amounts to click on websites and read email. This incentivised traffic is totally useless except for the opportunistic traffic sellers who profit from the margin between paying the incentives and charging for the resulting statistics.

The effect of these internet trends has spawned new opportunities encouraging affiliate marketers to partner for mutual win-win outcomes. The pioneers call it Customer Reciprocation. "I'll shop through your affiliate link if you shop through mine".

There is no artificially generated statistics here, just real customers achieving real benefits.

Merchants are praising this process as affiliates are required to purchase to receive their reciprocal customer. With a matching partner, affiliates can shop at their favorite online merchant earning their partner commission effectively subsidizing the partner's purchase.

Online merchants with affiliate programs are gaining additional customers whenever their affiliates shop anywhere online. The merchants products become more attractive due to the commission the affiliate's partner will receive when shopping at that merchant. Affiliates benefit from the subsidized shopping (in the form of their commission) that may even cover the total cost of the product they purchased.

Affiliate Marketers are turning to Customer Reciprocation matching services to assist them in finding customers who have affiliations with merchants that they want to shop at.

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