Friday, August 18, 2006


As an affiliate - are you leaving money on the table?

Did you know that there are affiliate marketers with "No Website", "No email
List", doing "No Advertising" and making money from referring customers to
online merchants?

Impossible you say?

What if I told you that they do nothing but go about their business as usual?

If you're ready to look in the mirror and discover a little bit more about
yourself, I will tell you (absolutely free in this article) exactly how
thousands of "new breed" affiliates have woken up to the obvious and are
making additional profits using a simple no risk strategy.

Are you sitting down? This obvious strategy will blow you over. You won't
believe why no-one thought of it sooner.

Firstly, the smart affiliates that are leveraging this strategy recognize
themselves not just as promoters or sellers of products, but as customers.

To most of us, the thought of earning money dominates and clouds the idea
of spending it. We want to make money not spend it, at least initially!

Subconsciously, however, we relate to the old proverb "you must spend money
to make money". So before we know it, we're helping other people make money
by becoming their customers. Merchants and their affiliates profit from selling
us their niche products. Promising us the best SEO software, guaranteed website
traffic and copywriting ebooks, we scramble for our credit cards in the hope
of finally enjoying a slice of the trillion dollar pie we call consumer online

Does this sound like you?

Yes? Then it's time for a personal paradigm shift.

Thinking of oneself as a customer as well as an affiliate is the key to this simple but effective strategy. In fact it was this realization that spawned the creation of "Customer Reciprocation".
Customer Reciprocation is the process where affiliates shop through each
other's affiliate links resulting in mutual win-win outcomes. This is the
risk-free customer acquisition method of choice for the next generation affiliate
marketer. It is risk free because you only purchase what you would normally
purchase, when you would normally purchase it and from the merchant you would
normally purchase it from.

By tracking the affiliates who earn commission from your normal day-today
online shopping, a customer reciprocation facilitator (known as a Customer
Acquisition Exchange) awards your affiliated merchant a customer (earning
you commission) in return for every online purchase you make. In effect,
you'll be earning commission that you would not otherwise have earned. You
can view this income as a subsidy or rebate on the purchase that you would
have made anyway.

If you were entitled to a rebate on any purchase you made in the offline
world, would you not take advantage of it? Of course you would, that is why
tax claims, frequent flyer points, reward cards, coupons, cash rebates and
haggling are all so popular. As an online affiliate marketer you can take
advantage of Customer Reciprocation and earn one customer whenever you become
a customer.

It's all about leverage. Just as reputable link exchanges help related websites
increase traffic through reciprocal linking, Customer Acquisition Exchanges
help affiliates increase their commissionable sales through customer reciprocation.

It makes sense and requires little additional effort. It is simply a change
in mindset.

The sooner you recognise that you are not just an online promoter but
also an online spender, the sooner you can leverage that fact and take advantage
of the previously missed commission payments left on the table.

Do a search or ask around. Find a Customer Acquisition Exchange that suits
you. You will never again shop online without claiming your right to a reciprocal

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