Thursday, November 16, 2006


Avoiding the pitfalls of Customer Reciprocation

One of the easiest ways for affiliate newbies to acquire customers is through the process of Customer Reciprocation as it is a guaranteed way for them to experience the thrill of receiving an affiliate cheque. Even a small success breeds further successes which can encourage and hopefully inspire them to plunge deeper into the lucrative world of affiliate marketing.

So this newsletter is focused squarely on avoiding the pitfalls of Customer Reciprocation for newbies and experienced marketers alike.

It relates to a little old program known as Google Adsense which rewards people for placing ads or links on their web pages. It's extremely enticing to newbie affiliate marketers as it offers a chance to monetize their web site by receiving a minuscule sum of money each time a visitor clicks on an ad or link on their site. These sites are often set up as directories (with categories listed as keywords for Search Engine Marketing) and serve no useful purpose apart from earning a few measly cents and being relatively easy to set up.

The smart experienced affiliate marketers do a similar but much better job by investing much more time and effort to create a content rich site and often multiple sites in various niches so as not to put all their eggs in one basket. Sometimes these diverse sites even link to each other driving more traffic to their "mini content" network.

But I digress.

Because newbies are in such a hurry to make money they often take shortcuts and fail as a result.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in their approach to Customer Reciprocation. Instead of entering their correct affiliate link for the merchant they wish to promote, they often enter their directory page or just as bad their own web site (even if it is content rich). What they fail to realise is that nobody wants to buy from a directory page irrespective of how many affiliate links are on that page or where they point to. Nor do they wish to purchase through a personal web site unless what that personal web site sells is unavailable from any other web site.

Another equally common pitfall even after entering your correct affiliate links for the merchants you promote is so silly it's ridiculous. Can you guess it?

You want customers right? Customer Reciprocation will provide them whenever you shop once you've got merchants to promote. What could be simpler?

Many people leave money on the table simply by forgetting to tell us what their desired purchase intention is before shopping.

Remembering the following basic 3 step process for customer acquisition will profit you many times over:

1. You store your list of affiliate links at SpinningTornado will spider each affiliate link and determine which merchant sites you are promoting.

When shoppers indicate they want to purchase from a merchant you promote, they will be directed (via email) to that merchant through your affiliate link, earning you commission. They are happy to do this because in return for purchasing what they had already intended to purchase, someone will become their customer earning them commission.

2. Whenever you want to purchase anything from anywhere online, use SpinningTornado. You will be directed (via email) through a fellow community member's affiliate link to purchase through.

3. Enter your receipt details (via a separate link in the previous email) and in return someone will become your customer by shopping through your affiliate link.

So now that you know the pitfalls of Customer Reciprocation you can easily avoid them and start acquiring customers the easy way.




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