Thursday, November 30, 2006


Have you ever purchased something online?

Have you ever purchased something online?
Then unless you're a SpinningTornado member, You've missed out on MONEY that is RIGHTFULLY YOURS.
Welcome to SpinningTornado we make sure whenever YOU become someones customer, someone will become YOUR CUSTOMER in return.
You've probably learnt by now, that finding quality traffic that'll convert to customers is NOT an easy task. In fact, IT'S HARD.
But customer acquisition for affiliates can now be EASY.
Join SpinningTornado and tell us where you want US to deliver YOUR paying customers.
Then, go about your SHOPPING AS NORMAL.
Buy WHAT you want from WHERE you want, WHEN you want.
For every purchase you make we'll deliver you a reciprocal customer.
It really couldn't be simpler.
To join our community for free just go to
See you soon.

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