Monday, March 05, 2007


How to get traffic to my site: A subjective review of exchanges

Anyone who owns a website will have heard by now that you can monetize your efforts by displaying advertisements or promoting affiliated products.

What most are realising however, is that it is not their efforts that they are monetizing. It is the traffic they attract, by the effort excerpted in building, maintaining and promoting the website that generates an income.

Let’s look at some common and not-so-common techniques for driving traffic to your site and explore what really works.

Traffic Exchange:

Webmasters send traffic in return for others sending them traffic. This has limited effect as the traffic is generally not targeted at a specific customer base.

Link Exchange:

Also known as “reciprocal linking”, this technique is powerful if the links are prominently placed on the websites of others. Search engines like Google and Yahoo are taking less notice of links that are never accessed by humans. They know which of their toolbar members access through the link.

Surf for traffic:

This technique is often used by webmasters on a shoestring budget. They surf to build up credit that will be converted into others surfing their site. The problem is most of the members are not intending to visit your website for any other reason than to build up credits. This technique is also plagued by auto-surf programs that click on banners or links 24 hours a day building up credits for someone. So a lot of your visitors are not even human

“Get Paid” Service:

Here people get paid to check out your offer, click on your banner or link in an email or something similar. Again the visitor has no interest in staying at your site or actually reading what you have to offer. They are there because they got paid to be there.

“Customer Acquisition Exchange”

The previously discussed methods do drive traffic, which is good if you wish to boost your statistics but bad if you wish to make money as they rarely drive customers, leads, or clicks on your ads.

A proven and effective technique for monetizing you efforts is “customer reciprocation”. Although this delivers very little traffic to your site it delivers you a purchase ready customer that is guaranteed to shop. Most webmasters shop online, perhaps purchasing a dozen times a year from all sorts of merchant sites. Using a customer acquisition exchange, you can receive a paying customer to any of your affiliated merchants (through your affiliate link paying you commission) for each and every purchase you make online.

This is super targeted traffic, as the visitor has already decided to purchase at the merchant you are promoting before they access through your affiliate link.

Customer Reciprocation is an effective way to make money, you’re simply leveraging what you already do (shop online).

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